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Full Business Plan

Just about anyone can write a business plan (well maybe not), but not everyone can help you develop an industry-specific and standard business plan that will open the doors to any financial institution or the pockets of investors.

Entrepreneurs think in manners that are sporadic with so many ideas coming at the same time, thus making it hard to organize their thoughts.

Brainac Business Solutions is here with its team of Business and Financial experts to help secure the funding or develop the strategy that will help get your business off the ground. We will help you organize your ideas with our accurately developed business plan.

Our formats and methods are bespoke with the aim of customizing the business plan to your exact needs. We have worked with several industries and have secured loans, investments and grants for our wonderful clients from different parts of the world.

Do you have an idea you feel strongly about? Do you have an investor waiting to receive your business plan? Do you plan to secure a loan from your bank?

You have come to the right place. Work with experts who have mastered the science of business writing.

Pitch Deck Development

Investors are usually impatient because they have busy schedules, well obviously and we can’t blame them. However, when they offer you a 10-minute chance to convince them, do you present your 50-paged business plan? Guessed as much! Absolutely No!

So the answer is a PITCH DECK. Look at a pitch deck like an “all you need to know about the business” kind of document that attracts the attention of investors right from the first glance.

  • Informative
  • Precise
  • Attractive
  • Intriguing
  • Immersive
  • Pursuasive
  • Realistic

These are the characteristics of our pitch decks. We help you find your way into the pockets of investors because we know the language they understand.

We are aware that the concept may not be crystal clear yet, actually, it is never crystal clear at the inception. We are here to here to help you refine your thoughts and put them down on paper.

Financial Model

It is not enough to conjure numbers in the bid to massage one’s ego, especially when the business has not kicked off. A good financial forecast must be accompanied by a high level of conservativeness, reasonable assumptions and a Solid model.

Developing a financial forecast is majorly based on a combination of 3 factors in descending order of significance:

  • Researching industry standards
  • Applying professional common sense
  • The vision of business owner

The business owner is often optimistic, professional common sense is often conservative and industry standards are often revealing.

A perfect combination of these 3 indicators with great financial modeling expertise allows us to arrive at the most reasonable numbers which can be presented and defended at any level.

Do you need to forecast the financial health of your company? You’ve been asked by an investor to present your numbers? Do the banks need to assess the future financial health of your proposed business?

Work with us today!

Business Proposal

To establish business relationships with other businesses or individuals, official business proposals are often required. The proposal is either solicited or unsolicited by the client or partner. Solicited proposals are sent to the prospects on request while the unsolicited proposals are sent to prospects without asking.

You want to make sure your proposal has some key elements that will distinguish you and grab your prospects’ attention as quickly as possible. Some of the key sections of a business proposal include:

Executive Summary which shows a quick synopsis of your offer and how the prospects will benefit

Company Summary Section where you describe your company focusing on the aspects you think the prospects will mostly be interested in

Experience Section which describes your portfolio and the experience you’ve garnered working with similar prospects and the results you’ve achieved with them. If the business has no official portfolio of clients, you might want to discuss the team’s professional experience

Your Offer and the Benefits Section where you succinctly explain your offer and the value you would be proposing

Pricing Structure is very important and should give options. You could come up with 3 pricing alternatives. With this, the prospect feels in control over their choice.

Call To Action and Contact which should help you close the prospect. Here you must include a catchy CTA before your contact information.

Work with us today to develop professional business proposals to win bids and land contracts with clients.

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